Sustainability is a huge part of our mission and vision for the farm. We wanted to create a space that was going to be a farm of the future, working with the land and not against it. There are so many things we have planned but scroll down to read about what we’re doing right now.


Throughout the month of March, Penelope’s has some amazing offers for all the family, from 2-4-1 pizzas, free kids meals and Friday happy hour. There is bound to be something that takes your fancy. Available for pre-bookings ONLY.



We harvest solar energy across the farm and for Penelope’s Restaurant. Using solar energy reduces our footprint and is a low carbon way of fuelling our farm. Renewable energy is just one way we are working to be as sustainable as we can be for our environment.


We collect and harvest our rainwater so that we can make the most of it. The rain water is used on our plants across the farm and it’s actually the best thing for them! Packed with good nutrients, using up the water is good for the plants and for the planet.




We’re big on our coffee and so we knew there was a way that we had to make the most of the grounds. We recycle them into compost with the help of our gardeners to make sure that our plants are getting the nutrients they need. This reduces our waste and helps our plants to grow and flourish, too.


We work with local farmers, producers, and suppliers to make sure that we have the freshest and most local ingredients across the farm and in Penelope’s Restaurant. Supporting the local community is a huge part of our sustainability mission, working with expert farmers, growers, and makers to help our area blossom and thrive. We also produce a lot of our own fruits, veggies, and other produce too!



Sustainability runs through every facet of the farm. Find out more about the other areas and plan your visit below.

Our Restaurant

We use the finest and freshest ingredients within the restaurant so book a visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Our Farm Shop

Find your old favourites and discover something new on the shelves of our shop. Fresh, local, and ready to come home with you.

Our Hut

Locally made ice cream and fresh pastries and toasties to keep you going during your visit, plus delicious coffee from The Hut, too.

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